U.S. Passport for Minors Under 16 Years of Age


COVID-19:    At this time, expedited processing will take 4 to 6 weeks. Please contact us via email for further assistance. Currently, this is the fastest available processing time for any passport application nationwide, for applicants that do not have a life or death emergency. 



Fill out your ONLINE forms and gather your required documents outlined below.


Follow the instructions below. Pay close attention to the important notices!


Please come to our office between 9 AM-1 PM for a better chance to accomplish Step 3 on the same day.


We will review, prepare your documents & take your passport photos. Bring your passport-type photos if you already have them.


Parents and minors must make a personal appearance at the US Post Office location we will provide.


A federal agent will be expecting you to verify and execute all forms and signatures, and seal all the materials into an envelope that will be given back to the parents.


Drop off the SEALED envelope at our office so we can submit it to the US State Department the next day.


Parents must drop off the minor’s sealed envelope so we can submit it to the US State Department facility the very next day by 7 AM.

Please Follow These Instructions

PLEASE NOTE: You may choose to skip STEP 2 and do this part yourself. However, please be aware that the State Department will most likely reject your materials for being improperly organized and presented, and WE may lose our ability to expedite your passport even after you have paid your government and our service fees.

Expedited passport forms CANNOT be hand-written. ALL forms MUST be completed ONLINE.

PLEASE DO NOT ship your documents to us without first communicating with our office.

PLEASE DO NOT ship your materials for 8AM delivery unless instructed to do so.

Please bring the following items to our office to secure a U.S. passport for your minor under 16:

  • ONLINE Application Forms – U.S. State Department
  • MANDATORY: The application form MUST be completed ONLINE. Please follow the link above to the U.S. State Department website in order to answer your questionnaire and generate your application form DS-11. This form CANNOT be printed and hand-written offline.
  • Each applicant MUST have their SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER entered into the State Department application form.

Do This:

  • Use a laptop or desktop computer. Mobile phones and tablets usually don’t support the online process and you will not be able to print the form.
  • Be very accurate when answering your questions on the form.
  • ENTER ALL YOUR NAMES EXACTLY AS THEY ACTUALLY APPEAR ON YOUR STATE-ISSUED OR ORIGINAL LEGAL DOCUMENTS ONLY. If the entered data is not IDENTICAL to your legal documents, it will cause delays and identity issues with the State Department and your process may be suspended.

Don’t Do This:

  • Do NOT omit, abbreviate or add extra names or nicknames unless required to do so
  • Do NOT include titles and/or extra letters not contained in your legal documents
  • Do NOT try to submit hand-written application forms for the expedited process. They are not accepted by the U.S. State Department
  • Do NOT sign your forms until you arrive at our office

Printing Forms

  • Once you have completed your ONLINE application form, print it and bring it to us. DO NOT SIGN THE FORM as this has to be done in front of a federal agent. If you have trouble printing your form, you are welcome to email it to us as an attachment and we will be glad to print it for you at our office
  • The original (or certified) copy of your birth -OR- original naturalization certificate
  • The original adoption court order, if applicable
  • BOTH PARENTS’ (OR GUARDIANS’) VALID driver’s licenses, federal/state-issued ID, or passport must be brought to our office for the proper photocopying. If that is not possible, please call us for instructions
  • Starting October 1, 2021, you will need a REAL ID-compliant driver’s license or another acceptable form of ID to fly with in the U.S.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Although this is not mandatory, we highly recommend that BOTH PARENTS (or guardians) come to our office with the minor to get the photos, materials and signatures sorted and prepared and to accompany the minor to the U.S. Post Office. However, if ONE PARENT or guardian is unable to accompany the minor to the Post Office visit, a notarized consent form issued within 3 months must be submitted by that parent or guardian that will not be present. Please refer to item 5 on this list
  • CLICK HERE to print and sign the Work Order Form & Terms of Service
  • Print 3 copies of the Passport Authorization Letter Form (Mouse over for more info…)
  • If a parent or guardian is unable to accompany the minor to the Post Office visit, a notarized consent form issued within 3 months must be submitted by the parent or guardian that will not be present. Please print and fill out the consent form, and have the consenting parent notarize the consenting parent’s or guardian’s signature.
  • Flight, Travel, or Cruise-Ship Itinerary (Mouse over for more info…)

  • We are fully equipped to take high quality passport photos during your visit to our office for $15/a pair
  • You may also submit your own passport-type photos taken elsewhere. We will do our best to verify and screen them to make sure that they are of the proper quality and will not get rejected by the State Department
  • However, the State Department may still reject the photos you took elsewhere for various reasons, such as poor quality of their printed work, frame positioning, etc.

U.S. State Department U.S. Post Office Total Federal Fees
$140 $35 $175
Payment Options:

  1. U.S. Department of State: checks or money orders payable to U.S. DEPARTMENT OF STATE
  2. U.S. Post Office: cash, checks, debit cards, money orders payable to the U.S. POSTAL SERVICE

  • The fees below DO NOT INCLUDE the U.S. State Department and U.S. Post Office fees
  • Processing starts on the DAY AFTER all application materials are accepted by our office
  • Turnaround days are based on the U.S. State Department business days – Monday through Friday only. No exceptions
  • Applications MUST be presented to the U.S. State Department by 7 AM, Monday through Friday
  • COVID-19:    At this time, expedited processing will take 4 to 6 weeks. Please contact us via email for further assistance. Currently, this is the fastest available processing time for any passport application nationwide, for applicants that do not have a life or death emergency. 

10-12 Business Days

  • + $15 per set of photos

6-8 Business Days

  • + $15 per set of photos

3-5 Business Days*

  • + $15 per set of photos

1-2 Business Days*

  • + $15 per set of photos
 *Limited slots available. Please contact us to check availability on 1-2 and 3-5 DAYS service.


Shipping documents back to you:

  • Please provide us a return method for return shipments, such as an air-bill, credit card info, or a prepaid envelope.
  • Per your request, we may ship your documents back to you by FedEx only, and add our flat shipping charge to the total fee for the services provided to you.
  • Please CLICK HERE to visit our SHIPPING page for more info.

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