Consulate of ____(Country)____
Visa Section

Dear Sir/Madam,

(Company/employer’s name) is pleased to introduce (traveler’s FULL name), (title and quick job description). Mr./Ms. ______ is traveling to your country on (approx. dates of travel) to (example of activities: participate in meetings; discuss future business; perform business development and sales efforts; business negotiations; contract signing; etc) on behalf of (company/employer’s name). While visiting (country), Mr./Ms. ______ will be hosted by (host/contact person in the country of destination), (title and quick job description. Example: Director of; Senior Manager of; VP of Sales; Marketing; Production Supervisor; etc) for (host company name in the country of destination) located at (host company business office address).

(Company/employer’s name) hereby guarantees the moral and financial responsibility for (traveler’s FULL name) while he/she is visiting (country) as well as his/her return transportation to the USA. We appreciate the issuance of a business visa at your earliest convenience.

Should you have any questions regarding this application, please do not hesitate to contact my office.

NAME (any senior company official, preferably of VP level, other than the applicant)

Direct phone line:




  • Please use a word processor (MS Word, Text Edit, etc) to write your own letter
  • Copy/paste and EDIT the text sample above in the bold font sections, replacing it with the info pertaining to your case
  • When you are finished, please print your final letter on company letterhead/stationery
  • A consulate address on the letter is not necessary
  • The letter must be hand-signed by anyone else other than the applicant