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Who We Are NOT: We are neither representatives of the government, nor the passport or visa issuing authority. We are not a branch of the US State Department, a foreign embassy/consulate, nor government representatives of any country.

What We Do:

1) we provide customized information, specific guidelines, enabling travelers to submit your documents and application materials;

2) submit and retrieve the requested travel documents and materials – or the results of an application submission – to and from the US State Department or foreign consulate on behalf of our customers;

3) represent our customers at the issuing authorities offices bypassing the need for appointments or security clearances.

Why You Should Use Us: When you hire Arista Passport And Visa Services to help and assist you to obtain and expedite your US passport or travel visa to a foreign country, you are buying a product that is the result of decades of experience in this line of work, from the most trustworthy staff in the industry. Although our Terms of Service and Release of Liability state clearly that we are not the issuing authority nor are we responsible for government’s decisions that may or may not allow your documents to be issued, when you consider the knowledge curve in what will take you to learn, understand, comply with correctly and have a travel document obtained without the aggravation, time and money wasted with government non-sense, you will understand the value of outsourcing your project to Arista.

How To Hire Us: You do not need an appointment and may simply walk in to our office on 2217 W. Olive Ave in Burbank, CA, 91506. We are strategically located in the heart of the major entertainment industry corporate buildings and production lots. Our hours are Monday through Friday, 9 AM to 6 PM. You may also start your process with us by email at info@aristavisa.com , or by calling us at (818) 665-2051.

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Research Services Terms And Conditions: When you submit a Research Services request inquiry to Arista, you are hiring Arista Passport And Visa Services, Inc. to provide you information pertaining your questions only. By performing the research and providing you with the appropriate information you have requested only, neither Arista nor you will be bound to any obligations or committing to proceed with any travel document processing unless strictly requested by you in writing. Once you submit your Research Services inquiry online, you will receive a notification email containing a summary of your questions. One of our agents will be in touch with you by phone as soon as possible to verify the questions and to collect your credit card information for the advance payment of $25 per country, or per passport scenario (whichever fits your case) you are inquiring about in order for the research to be started. A receipt will be issued for the service and emailed to you upon payment approval. Once our research is completed, we will attempt to reach you by phone as well as send you an email with its result within 24 hours requiring a response from you as a receipt for the information. Arista will send out a second email if no response is received within 48 hours. If and whenever the research results points to a need for a visa(s) application or a passport to be processed, Arista will seize the opportunity to offer you a comprehensive list of requirements for our visa and passport service solutions that is customized for your case. Arista does not commit to processing your visa(s) or passport(s) by performing the research and providing you the results of it unless and/or until you hire Arista to do so. Arista does not guarantee the desired outcome of your visa process (granted or denied) under any circumstances, and is not to be held liable for any financial losses incurred by false information provided by any of the public forums, websites or researched party, private or governmental, where information content may be collected from to populate the answers to your inquiry. If you choose to have Arista process any of your travel documents, all advance payments made for our Research Services will be applied towards the total amount due for the Arista full-service fees. By checking the box below you accept these service terms and conditions. Please contact us if you require further clarification by emailing us at oc@thepassportpros.com.

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