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Expedited Passport Renewal

U.S. passports aren’t good forever. Has yours expired? Is it close? Don’t let outdated documents cancel your travel plans. The Passport Pros offers hands-on and over the phone help with expedited passport renewal in Orange County & Los Angeles.

Please Note

For adults whose previous passports are in good condition and were issued less than 15 years ago:


At this time, mail-in expedited processing will take 5 to 7 weeks. Due to COVID restrictions placed by the US State Department, all passport processing options listed below are not available till further notice. Please contact us for further assistance if you require faster processing.

Step 1

Fill out your online forms and gather your required documents outlined below.


Follow the instructions below

Step 2

Come to the office so we can review, sort prepare your documents and take your passport photos (or bring your own).


You are welcome to use one of our computer to fill out your ONLINE State Department forms, but you MUST have your SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER on hand for the application form.

Step 3

Your passport application will be submitted to the US State Department Facility in Westwood, CA. The next business day.


Your new passport, along with any other originals documents to eb returned to you will be waiting for you at our office on the day you request.

Follow These Instructions to Renew Your Passport

Frequently Asked Questions

The U.S. Government calculates your passport expiration date from the date of issuance. However, passports issued to minors and those issued to adults under special “emergency” circumstances will have shorter lifespans. (Hint: the expiration date is on the same page as your photo.)
No. Many countries do not allow travelers to enter with passports expiring within five months. If you have travel plans within that time frame, consider filing for expedited passport renewal now.
No. Even U.S. citizens must have a valid passport to re-enter the United States. If travelers get “trapped” outside the country with an expired passport, they must file for emergency passports at the U.S. Embassy closest to them.

Yes. The standard processing period is at least two weeks and at times of high demand can be even longer. However, with our expedited passport renewal service you can have your new documents in hand within 48 hours or even the Same Day!

Delphi Visa offers face-to-face expedited passport renewals in 2 locations: Newport Beach & Burbank – serving all Orange and Los Angeles Counties. We can also expedite your renewal through the mail.

Simply bring the required items to one of The Passport Pros locations and we’ll walk you through the process in a flash. If you have any questions about filling out the necessary forms, photo specifications, or anything at all give us a call.
Yes. Simply deliver the necessary documentation to us via the post and we’ll expedite your renewal application the same as if you visited in person. You can find our mailing address here.
A: Unfortunately, no. The forms you need to renew your passport can be found online but the U.S. Government does not currently accept renewal applications digitally. You will either need to mail documentation or see a passport agent (such as The Passport Pros) in person.

Need Help with Your U.S. Passport? We Are Happy to Assist You.

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