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We take photography very seriously at our offices. Whether your need is for a U.S., Canadian or any other country passport-type photo, you can count on us for the highest quality digital photos and prints available. We can also touch up, re-size, enhance and stamp pictures to fit your needs and the international document specifications you must meet. Using our templates and the talents of a real-life professional photographer while you wait, we make sure that your photo will NOT be rejected by issuing authorities. Our success rate is 100% and we guarantee that satisfaction to our customers. We are listed on the website of the CANADIAN CONSULATE IN LOS ANGELES as a QUALIFIED VENDOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY FOR CANADIAN PASSPORTS AND VISAS. In the unlikely event that you are required to submit a new set of photos due to a rejection on our photography, we will promptly produce new photos free of charge. That is our guarantee and confidence in our work.

CANADIAN PASSPORT PHOTOS – Appointment Required!

Please email us for an appointment. Please indicate what day and time you would like to come to our office, and we will call you back to confirm your appointment.


Trust us with your international photo needs to avoid delays to your passport or visa process.

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