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Step 1

Fill out your online forms and gather your required documents outlined below.


Follow the instructions below. Pay close attention to the important notices!

Step 2

Come to our office so we can review, sort, prepare your documents and take your photo.


If you already have your own passport-type photos, bring them with you. Otherwise we will take your photos.

Step 3

Your visa application will be submitted to the foreign consulate the next available business day.


Should any additional requirements or demands from the consulate arise, we will communicate it to you immediately after we leave the consulate lobby.

Step 4

We will collect your passport and visa from the consulate on the day scheduled by the consulate.


Your visa & any other original documents will be at our office available for pick up on the same day they are released by the consulate or shipped if requested.

Follow These Instructions to Obtain a Visa for Vietnam

Visa Requirements

US Citizens

Non-US Citizens

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Processing Time
  • US citizens: 10 to 15 business days
  • Non-US citizens: 4 to 6 Weeks

In most cases, TOURIST and BUSINESS visas for US citizens can be issued within the above listed times. Other types of visas and foreign (non-US) passports may take longer to be finished and/or require additional documents.

ATTENTION: The acceptance of visa fee payments and required documents does not automatically guarantee a visa. Consulates and embassy officials reserve themselves the right to delay or refuse to issue a visa without providing a reason and they do not accept demands from travelers. They do not work around a traveler’s time-frame, and may request additional documents not listed in the general instructions at any given time and circumstance without notice.